We believe in providing real support for real salon professionals to achieve real success. This means combining beauty + substance to provide high-quality information, education, and products that address the unique needs of the creative professional—blending best business practices with a stunning aesthetic.


We believe that crafting quality information, education and products takes time and that no good ever came out of rushing through an idea or a project. We believe in allowing ideas to “rise,” products to develop in their own time and connections to happen naturally. We believe that a slow evolution creates a lasting impression and higher quality offerings.


We believe that the beauty industry is a unique microcosm filled with a curious blend of creatives that require special attention. We think that for too long the focus has been skewed, the scales tipped, and the lines of communication blocked. We believe that through greater transparency and collaboration, the industry as a whole —and everyone it touches—will benefit.


We believe in creating something beautiful.

Have you met Karen? No? Oh, well here's your chance! She's a yoga-loving, smoothie-drinking, sustainable salon-owning wonder woman. You can read all about her, here: http://bit.ly/1X318Pj

Posted by Industrie on Friday, April 1, 2016
Karen Marie Salon sustainable buisness mission statement.


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